Be Inspired : Jazzie Jae T || Relaxed hair care ||

Meet Jazzie Jae T a YouTuber with over 14 thousand subscribers. Her passion for hair care attracted me and I thought that she is someone to be inspired by.

Jazzie Jae T: I’m so happy you found my channel, I made this channel to be the friend & role model many women can relate to. I make videos on things that I love and want to share with my close girlfriends, the thing is I’ve already told them & they don’t want to hear it again so I’m here on YouTube sharing things I’m very passionate about.

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Be Inspired: Tootsie Time

Every now and then we all need a bit of inspiration. In a world full of social pressures it’s important to be yourself and stand out from the crowd. The negative side to being an aspiring  established blogger/actress is that you feel like a crab in the sea, you’re making mini good movements and have a hard exterior but does anyone notice?

It’s really easy to full under pressure and create a typical beauty website because it gets more views *yawns*. But that’s not me and I was worried that people will not warm to my website and that’s when I got inspired by Tootsie.
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