Wisdom Wednesday’s | Ep 10 |BLOOPERS & Funny Moments | Video|


As we celebrate 10 weeks of consistent filming, here is a funny bloopers video to show you how much effort & mistakes goes into my videos. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the episodes from episode 1 to episode 10 ! Thank you All for the support.


Wisdom Wednesday’s| Ep 7 | Risk it all for your dreams!!



The Wonita Christine Network on youtube is a platform designed to encourage female empowerment and we would love to host other people on our channel.

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Wisdom Wednesday’s| Video | Toxic people

The Wonita Christine Network  on YouTube is a platform that encourages female empowerment.

Today’s Quote is from Ghandi “I will not  let you walk through my mind with your dirty feet”

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Why is Keisha so obsessed with celebs ??

I have been inspired by many celebrities for different reasons. My family and friends had often judged me for looking up to celebrities. However what they didn’t understand was that growing up as a shy only child and losing my dad to cancer at the age of 13 was very hard on me. I also lost my uncle 3 years later to a random stroke and he was young so it was shock to all the family.  After these events I didn’t believe I had inspirational (in my eyes) family members or friends to be inspired by so why not look up to a celebrity of my choice? I became intrigued with certain celebrities such as  Ciara, Pink, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. Each of these celebrities represented an era in my life. Continue reading “Why is Keisha so obsessed with celebs ??”

Be Inspired: Justalina

Be Inspired by Justalina Soverall.

Summer time is only a few months away and I know my readers and I are striving for that perfect beach body. So I’ve decided to treat you all to a mini exclusive interview with my beautiful Dominican Trinidadian cousin Justalina. Not only do little girls look up to her but personal trainers ask her to train them, which she so humbly replies “no”.  Justalina is not qualified to train anyone but she does believe that with discipline, determination and dedication you will be the best you. Be Inspired. Continue reading “Be Inspired: Justalina”