Be Inspired : Aloha Lola Cards

Wonita Christine says: Turn your passion into a career !. Meet Claire the owner and illustrator of  Aloha Lola cards, and  friend to the website as she has designed our “For the uninspired Woman” illustration. Lets find out more about her amazing business and what struggles she has faced aswell as seeing her amazing designs. Be Inspired.
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 “Hi! My name is Claire and I am the illustrator behind Aloha Lola Cards! I create beautiful and bespoke caricatures suitable for greeting cards or portraits. Additionally, I also create intricate and imaginative digital designs, suitable for businesses, blogs and website”
Me: When I think of the name Aloha Lola Cards I associate it with a beach, Hawaii and post cards lol. What was the inspiration behind your name ?

Claire: I decided on the name Aloha Lola Cards as I wanted my business name to send out pretty, sunny vibes and I felt this name had a lot of warmth to it – and sounded rather cute which also describes my illustrations!


Me: Many people draw as a hobby and never think  they’re good enough to profit from their talent. What encouraged you to turn your talent into a small business ?


Claire: To be honest with you, I never felt good enough, all I knew was I loved to draw, and when I saw others carving out their career from their creativity I thought – why can’t I do that? At the start it was a very nerve-wracking process, putting your own personal creations out into the world is always scary, but the feedback and reception I have received has been amazing. I am truly grateful for that.




Me: It’s really easy to get de motivated when starting a business and just like the rest of us im sure you have faced many struggles. What motivates you to keep striving ?

Claire: My customers motivate me definitely. Just to have someone praise my work, recommend me to a friend, or tell me how thrilled they are with the final product, that restores my faith whenever I am feeling low. I think it’s so important to always keep the customer in mind. If they are happy I am happy.


Moon girl

Me: The million dollar question everyone wants to know! Financially does this business pay your bills or do you have a part-time or full-time job ?

Claire: At the moment my income is not enough to sustain me full-time or even part-time. That’s OK though. I am determined to work till I can get to a place where it could work part-time. I knew when I started this business it would take a lot of time and motivation to get to that point!

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