How To Celebrate Your Birthday All Week

Birthdays are occasions where you are supposed to take one day to be totally selfish, receive tons of gifts and take lots of pictures. So sais society but that can sometimes be unrealistic . Most of us work or have adult responsibilities or you could just be a like-minded individual that prefers to celebrate birthdays for a whole weekend or even a week. If you’re the type to want to groundhog the heck out of your birthday then this article is just for you.

How can I possibly spend a week celebrating my birthday without getting bored you ask?

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The Shocking Truth: Backpacking around Europe part 1

Its 19:37 on a mysterious day and I’m sitting on my red comfy bed excited to tell all my readers about the shocking truth of the backpack travellers! All truths listed below are from my personal experience so be prepared to be shocked. Continue reading “The Shocking Truth: Backpacking around Europe part 1”