Be Inspired: Jevetta Boyce Owner of Videography Company & Photography Studio

Wonita Christine Says:  Be inspired by someone elses journey towards success rather than envy them. Learn something new. Be Inspired.

20140153_10155609113825972_5353730084116958362_nMeet Jevetta Boyce, 25 owner of Jevetta Boyce Ltd (videography company) and Cloud Green Studios.

Jevetta knew from a very young age that she wanted to be her own boss.  The traditional 9-5 was not appealing to her, especially because she aspired to be an actress. After studying media in secondary school, college and university she says she “accidentally” I say “naturally’ stumbled upon her career in videography.

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Tragic Tuesdays: 5 reasons you will fail as an actor ?? huh

I just read this article Five Awful Things Nobody Tells You About Being an Actor.

  1. You aren’t building a real skill
  2. Most roles have nothing to do with Acting
  3. You will never be considered for roles that require acting
  4. Your faith will be exploited
  5. You wont make enough money to live on

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FunFactFriday: Love Thy self for the industry will not.

Thy Spotlight

A majority of celebrities have an expiry date, a date where they are no longer thought about. However as actors we are lucky to an extent because once you become an established actor, with a few movies under your belt, you don’t need to strive for the spotlight. You can come back when you want and the cycle of interest starts again.  Take Sandra Bullock for example Miss Congeniality was in 2000, 2004 was Crash,  2006 was The Lake House and then 2009 was some other films. Most celebrities expire within 4 years and note Bullock has had a 4 year gap.  Once you’re in the spotlight the media can be your best friend promoting your success, cleaning your image, showing the world the more vulnerable relatable side to you. Or the media can be your worst enemy by completely  destroying your image with false allegations, focusing on the negative stuff you do, taking the things you say out of context, taking the most unflattering pictures of you and turning the world against you! Just because they can!… Continue reading “FunFactFriday: Love Thy self for the industry will not.”