Get Out More Often | Experience Life

#GetOutMoreOften  #GetOutChallenge The season of spring is upon us, the blossoms on the trees are growing and there's an energy in the air that ignites certain souls to make plans and explore what life has to offer. Then there is everyone else who's stuck in a routine and would rather stay at home. This post [...]

DJ Sweet Keish

Welcome to the world DJ SWEET KEISH. Greetings and big hugs to all of my readers. I've had writers block for the past month. This has been hard on me because I pride myself on giving my readers quality and consistent posts. But fear not because I have been working hard learning how to DJ!! [...]

Holiday Essentials

You've booked a holiday to the Caribbean or a quick get away trip to France. Here are my holy grail holiday essentials. Go through the list to add to your essentials.   1 ) Money Conversion: Do not wait untill the last-minute to convert your money. Learn from me, I went to post office the [...]