Wonita Christine ||

For the uninspired women(1)

In a world of inequality, destruction, racism, poverty and illness sometimes all you need is a little motivation to brighten your day and  kick-start your future. Wonita Christine is every uninspired womans superhero. She prides herself in motivating individuals who have lost their way.

In the future we hope to progress by hosting our very own women in power networking events, selling merchandise and donating proceeds to charity.

Meet The Founder || Keisha George


 About Keisha

“Hi everyone,  I am the founder and editor of Wonita Christine.”

I grew up in hackney the poorest borough in London at the time. I was blessed enough to have grown up in a household with both parents. I was very close to my father and we had a great connection.  He passed away when I was 13 years old and  I was left with a huge whole in my heart. I was a lost young girl looking to be saved. But I soon realised that I had to save myself and the strong powerful women that I looked up to. Did not exist in my day to day life.  Where im from people are conditioned to thinking that sky is the limit. They dont believe in going to infinity and beyond.  I want to change that. I want people to embrace the everyday women. We can all make it.

Wonita Christine is “For The Uninspired Woman xox”