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Wonita Christine invites you to our 1st Women In Power Networking Luncheon

Join us for Wine, Pizza & Treats in an intimate setting of 30 in the trendy Hackney!

Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran of your craft. This is the perfect opportunity to be inspired, motivated & encouraged by others in the creative industry.


I’ve been blogging for over a year now and this is my first event. I would love for my supporters to attend. If you know or have any creative friends please feel free to come along !!







Dress Code: Authentically you…presentable






Wonita Christine



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Wisdom Wednesday ||Ep 15|| How to get a girls number at the club

Episode 15 !!! featuring my cousin Shanara: How to get a girls number at the club!

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Be Inspired: Jevetta Boyce Owner of Videography Company & Photography Studio

Wonita Christine Says:  Be inspired by someone elses journey towards success rather than envy them. Learn something new. Be Inspired.

20140153_10155609113825972_5353730084116958362_nMeet Jevetta Boyce, 25 owner of Jevetta Boyce Ltd (videography company) and Cloud Green Studios.

Jevetta knew from a very young age that she wanted to be her own boss.  The traditional 9-5 was not appealing to her, especially because she aspired to be an actress. After studying media in secondary school, college and university she says she “accidentally” I say “naturally’ stumbled upon her career in videography.

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Be Inspired : Aloha Lola Cards

Wonita Christine says: Turn your passion into a career !. Meet Claire the owner and illustrator of  Aloha Lola cards, and  friend to the website as she has designed our “For the uninspired Woman” illustration. Lets find out more about her amazing business and what struggles she has faced aswell as seeing her amazing designs. Be Inspired.
For the uninspired women(1)
 “Hi! My name is Claire and I am the illustrator behind Aloha Lola Cards! I create beautiful and bespoke caricatures suitable for greeting cards or portraits. Additionally, I also create intricate and imaginative digital designs, suitable for businesses, blogs and website”
Me: When I think of the name Aloha Lola Cards I associate it with a beach, Hawaii and post cards lol. What was the inspiration behind your name ?

Claire: I decided on the name Aloha Lola Cards as I wanted my business name to send out pretty, sunny vibes and I felt this name had a lot of warmth to it – and sounded rather cute which also describes my illustrations!


Me: Many people draw as a hobby and never think  they’re good enough to profit from their talent. What encouraged you to turn your talent into a small business ?


Claire: To be honest with you, I never felt good enough, all I knew was I loved to draw, and when I saw others carving out their career from their creativity I thought – why can’t I do that? At the start it was a very nerve-wracking process, putting your own personal creations out into the world is always scary, but the feedback and reception I have received has been amazing. I am truly grateful for that.




Me: It’s really easy to get de motivated when starting a business and just like the rest of us im sure you have faced many struggles. What motivates you to keep striving ?

Claire: My customers motivate me definitely. Just to have someone praise my work, recommend me to a friend, or tell me how thrilled they are with the final product, that restores my faith whenever I am feeling low. I think it’s so important to always keep the customer in mind. If they are happy I am happy.


Moon girl

Me: The million dollar question everyone wants to know! Financially does this business pay your bills or do you have a part-time or full-time job ?

Claire: At the moment my income is not enough to sustain me full-time or even part-time. That’s OK though. I am determined to work till I can get to a place where it could work part-time. I knew when I started this business it would take a lot of time and motivation to get to that point!

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Fashion On Friday||The Statement Attire|| Inspiration ||

Wonita Christine says: There are many layers to a Wonita Christine woman, Not only does she have great fashion sense but she is a female boss! Any women that is taking steps to actively follow their dreams represents a Wonita Christine woman in the making. A true Wonita Christine woman understands that being presentable and making a statement through fashion captures people’s attention straight away. The aim is to look amazing by gaining attention in your female boss attire so people will not only think you’re a risk taker but would want to listen to your business plans, proposals etc.

Statement White Outfit ||

All fashion gurus swear by the little black dress but they forget to mention that signature white outfit that will leave everyone in room jaw dropped.  I’m here to tell you that Wonita Christine believes in a showstopper white outfit that is executed well. Secretly we all love the thought of wearing white but realistically it gets dirty after 5 minutes. That doesn’t mean we can’t dream or at least own one white/ off white/ cream outfit.

Below is a picture of  Jennifer Lopez in her white show stopping female boss attire. It’s perfect for the female who loves to feel comfortable, doesn’t want to show skin and is assertive.Wearing a white dress is also great for you super very feminine women although trousers leave more to the imagination.

For a women with curves high waisted trousers extenuate your hips and for those who lack curves this outfit will make your legs look long and super model like.

The Curvy Women

92nd Street Y Presents: Jennifer Lopez In Conversation With Hoda Kotb




The Tall Woman


The Full Figured Woman


The super feminine Woman


Statement Red Lip ||

Wonita Christine says: Red lipstick is a crucial item that needs to be in every girls make up collection. Red lips are super attractive and suits everyone however you must purchase the correct shade of red to compliment your complexion. When wearing red lips make sure you keep the contouring, highlighting and especially eyeshadow to a minimum. All you need is a good foundation and a good mascara or eye lash extensions.

jlo red lp


red kip



red lip k

63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Statement Fragrance

Do not forget to leave your house without spraying your go to perfume. A womans scent is everlasting and enticing so here’s a list of my go to perfumes in no particular order.










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5 Steps to help you overcome your insecurities after being cheated on.

Wonita Christine says: Ladies it’s time to activate your inner goddess and let her shine through. I know your situation sucks but you will rise above it I promise.

For those who love to indulge in reality television our addiction to drama and fighting is somewhat disturbing. For those who don’t watch reality television, the typical scenario consists of a beautiful woman who gets cheated on by a dickface guy  with no morals that controls the relationship with his manipulative thinking and money. Us viewers start to sympathise with the beautiful  woman, untill she gets back together with him and fights the other woman. We laugh in an awkward shock whilst we tweet in disappointment. By the next season the man has a huge ego and a new woman on his arm and the cycle repeats. We honestly never think it will happen to us, untill it does.

I’ve decided to create 5 steps to help us overcome the rath of insecurity that we feel after a guy who we loved broke our trust, our heart and our relationship.


Step 1: BLAME HIM!!!


Remember ladies it is all his fault.

There are many factors that may have led him to being unfaithful. Some reasons may include constant arguing,  a financial change, lack of intimacy, a loss of an emotional connection between you both. Regardless of the reasons, as a participant in your relationship it is his job to express what he feels is lacking in your relationship. He decided to take that step to actively entertain other women. So BLAME HIM!

Ladies you cannot keep blaming yourself. If your sister took money from your purse, even after you expressed that you don’t have enough money to give her. Would you start to blame yourself ? Would you question whether you’re a good sister or not ??  NO you wouldn’t, you would blame her and consequences would follow.

Many of you may think that you can’t compare the two but the principles are the same. The principles are trust, loyalty and respect. Once these are broken by the individual it is their fault.

Acknowledging that it’s not your fault will help you become a stronger person. Especially when he tries to manipulate you into thinking that it was the lack of sex in your relationship that forced him to pull out his small smelly dick out.


Step 2: Movie & Snacks Night with the girls!!


You should never feel ashamed of getting your heart-broken. Unless you got married on national television, spending 10 million dollars on an extravagant wedding for your relationship to only last 72 days. *Sips Tea*  Dont feel discouraged by the fact that your friends warned you about his suspicious ways and you never believed them. I  promise you, a true friend will not say “I told you so” unless you get back together with him and he does it again and again and by that point your friends will be fed up of the constant emotional rollercoaster you keep dragging them on. At this point of your break up your friends are more concerned with  your well-being, mental state and keeping you happy.

It’s easy for us to feel like we want to curl up in bed and cry hard but our friends are there to remind us that we are amazing people who deserve a huge ego boost. It’s also the time when girls become really honest and knowledgable. Every girl has been hurt, It gives you all a chance to inspire each other, whilst learning about each other. So grab the alcohol, popcorn, movie and spliff, have laughs and schedule to see each other once a week untill you’re fed up of their presence.

Step 3: You attracted him in the first place.


Hey beautiful woman remember in the beginning stages of your relationship ? He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, the random surprises, the 6 hour phone conversations, the long cuddles at night. This was a called a mutual attraction between you both. There is nothing wrong about reminiscing they are your memories.

As such a respectable woman such as yourself I do not expect you to spend your time questioning whether he was truly attracted to you because that my dear is a BIG waste of your time!

You maybe in a predicament where you have gained an excessive amount of weight during the relationship and you’re questioning if that was the cause for him cheating. You must remember that a relationship is built on trust, communication, common interest and attraction of the mind, body and soul. Not purely on appearance, so give yourself a break girl!

Step 4: Do not research the other woman!

kim k

The quickest way to hate her and feed your insecurities is to research information about her.

What she looks like, What she eats, What her nieces favourite food is, is truly none of your business. The other woman is not a reflection of what you lack. She is not a reflection of you! I know it is hard but try your best not to stalk her on social media websites. If you have met up with her in person to discuss what really happened. Please don’t meet up with her again, she is not your friend. MOVE ON THAT WILL DRIVE YOU CRAZY!!.

Step 5: Find a hobby


Hobbies are not only fun but depending on what activity you do. It gives you the chance to meet new people, have a new perspective, learn something new  whilst gaining a skill.

You are going to need to express those intense, deep, dark thoughts and feelings that you possess. Spend time stimulating your mind. Chose something that you have been interested in for a while or chose an old hobby that is guaranteed fun and time-consuming.

To conclude

Accepting that he cheated on you based on his own insecurities will help you understand that not everyone man has the same insecurities. Which means not everyman will break your trust in the way he did. Also you will then understand what type of guy is suited to you. Your long pillow talks with your ex will be replaced by your crazy freaky friends and you will appreciate what real quality time is. Knowing that you were attracted before, during and after your relationship will give you the confidence that you never knew you had. Cutting off all ties included the other woman will lessen the pain by 50 percent. A majority of women spend hours a day stalking other women, crying and getting super depressed about this. Finally finding a hobby is an incredible way to kill time and focus on the things you love. It will be like getting to know yourself again. Who you are outside the relationship.