Happy 36th Birthday Beyonce || What Beyonce taught us ||

Wonita Christine says: In a world full of fame seekers with no morals and non talented people dominating our screens for a quick pay cheque. We have to pay homage to our Queen Beyoncé on her 36th Birthday.

If you thought Beyoncé was basic, here’s a list of a few of her achievements.

  • Net worth $350 million
  • A combined net worth of  $1.16 billion
  • Youngest artist to ever be awarded with Legend Award at the World Music Awards.
  • Black artist with the most wins in MTV’s history.
  • Black musician with the most GQ covers in the last decade..
  • Her Formation tour grossed a quarter of a billion dollars
  • 6 Solo Albums, 4 Destiny child albums, 4 Live albums, …..


What Beyoncé Taught us.


Only collaborate or be associated with the best people in your field.


Considering Beyoncé is the greatest performer on planet earth. It only makes sense that she would want to collaborate or be associated with other musicians that are on her level. On her level meaning people who have put years into their craft, understand what it takes to sell out arenas, are talented and are pioneers of their craft.

Beyoncé teaches us that it is about quality not quantity. So hopefully you wont see her collaborate with basic bitches. I’m waiting on that Beyonce & Bruno collab to be honest!.

Haters will say that Beyoncé thinks she’s better than everyone else but don’t get it twisted … Fighting temptations, Carmen a hip hopera etc (shes paid her dues)

Be a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets

bey sasha

” What you see is what you get” <- Not for the ladies who value a mysterious persona. There is something intriguing about a female that has an alter ego. Fortunately or unfortunately not everyone will witness that side. Often time people will judge you and think you’re innocent and boring but really your classy and shy and as soon as your favourite song comes on, or you see the person of your dreams! the freak comes out!.

Beyoncé always admits that she is a very shy person but when she’s on stage she turns into a different unexpected person. Can you relate ?


Spend your money on travelling & being in the moment.

beychin    Beyoncé travels for a living but she also stresses about how important is for her to really be in the moment and explore what life has to offer. Spending hours in arenas practicing, performing and travelling to different countries to do the same thing can be somewhat jarring.

Haters will say she’s lucky and should be grateful but we all know that “valuing the moment” has nothing to do with riches. I’m sure we could all appreciate south end beach a tad better! lol.

Follow your dreams first then have kids later

To each their own, Beyoncé taught us that you should follow your own destiny and goals! Be fulfilled by what you love doing and kids will eventually fall into place. There are women out there that feel pressure to have kids because they would rather focus on their career first. Beyonce teaches us that there is nothing wrong with that! Society teaches us that we have to choose between a career and children, But Bey is an example of us having it all.


Be proud to be BLACK


Beyoncé Lemonade album was dedicated to the oppressed Black Girl. Haters will say Beyoncé album was for everyone, Some may even say it was mediocre. But her core fans appreciated the message behind the visual album. Music can be celebrated by everyone but can relate to a specific group of people. Beyoncé so bravely makes a statement and says its ok to be black!

“Freedom! Freedom! I can’t move
Freedom, cut me loose!
Freedom! Freedom! Where are you?
Cause I need freedom too!
I break chains all by myself
Won’t let my freedom rot in hell

Hey! I’ma keep running
Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves “




Beyoncé is unapologetic in her decision-making process for her career. She has a team yes but ultimately she makes the last decision. She works very hard to make her dreams come true and so should you. In various interviews she urges us to change our mentality and believe in ourselves.  Practice makes perfect






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