Rihanna shocks the beauty world with a DIVERSE AD for Fenty Beauty

Wonita Christine Says: Women of colour in the western world are not represented or celebrated enough in the beauty industry. Often time we come across advertisements were caucasian women dominate the screen. In addition there are also limited beauty products for women of colour. 

Imagine you have an event to go to and you’ve just ran our of foundation. However you can’t go to your local drugstore because your shade of colour does not exist. The only thing you can do is order online and wait 3 working days or go to a massive superstore like selfridges which is an hour away ??

This happens to a lot of women and it’s not fair !!!

Fear not our Queen Rihanna has launched a promotional advertisement for her new beauty line; Fenty Beauty and she reveals what true beauty is… Please watch below!

Fenty Beauty drops September 8th!

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