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Poem | When Love & History Combine

It’s Tragic Tuesdays and I hope you all enjoy this short less than a minute poem. Also please subscribe to my youtube channel. As there will be more uploads in the future! It’s also written below for those who prefer to read it.


My body becomes silenced and all I can hear is my heart beating,

My faced greyed out, zoned out, my body trembling,

As history repeats itself, I cannot see myself,

Am I in the heavens looking down ? ?

I birthed them, each character I own,

How dare you deify me, I am your  home,

As I walk alone, the sun shines bright

In your darkness I am your light

You always had my back from that very first night

I’ll leave u alone and let you take flight

You cannot replace me I am the almight-

Your eyes maybe open,  but baby you have lost sight,

How can history repeat itself and then say baby it’s alright

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